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NBHS is committed to providing quality, cost effective treatment that encompasses social and emotional issues, along with integrating home, school and community resources. We offer the most comprehensive counseling and behavioral health services in the Northwoods!

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Our team is waiting for you. We are dedicated to providing the best counseling services in the Northwoods. Contact Us today and Learn More about how our customized services can help you.

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Self Assessment

Do you have a substance abuse problem? Be honest. It's the first step towards change.

Have you ever tried to control your drug or alcohol use?

Have you ever felt defensive, guilty, or ashamed about your drug or alcohol use?

Have you ever lied about what or how much you use or drink?

Is your drug or alcohol use making life at home unhappy?

Do you avoid people or places that do not approve of you using drugs or alcohol?

Has your job performance ever suffered from the effects of your drug or alcohol use?

Have you ever lied to a doctor about your drug or alcohol use?

Have you ever substituted one drug for another, thinking that one particular drug was the problem?

Do you ever use drugs or alcohol alone?

Have you ever used drugs or alcohol because of emotional pain or stress?

Do you continue to use drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences?

Have you ever thought you might have a drug or alcohol problem?

If you answered Yes to 3 or more, you may benefit from assistance through our facility. Contact Us today to set up an appointment!

Understanding Mental Illness.

Mental illnesses can take many forms, just as physical illnesses do. Mental illnesses are still feared and misunderstood by many people, but the fear will disappear as people learn more about them. If you, or someone you know, has a mental illness, there is good news: all mental illnesses can be treated.

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